Russen: Sarmat – Abschuss und Einschlag




Während die russische Donbass-Offensive mühsam vorankommt, zeigt die russische Propaganda via einen ihrer Ableger, den Dienst Top War, den Abschuss und Einschlag der neuen Interkontinentalrakete Sarmat.

Start der neuen Interkontinentalrakete Sarmat.

Top Gun schreibt:

Western countries possessing nuclear weapons are forced to reckon with the Russian arsenal of ICBMs, which is sufficient to repeatedly destroy hostile states. Earlier, during the years of “partnership”, they hoped for a gradual depletion of the nuclear forces of the Russian Federation for natural reasons, due to the physical deterioration of ICBMs. However, intensive work was carried out in Russia to restore the technical readiness of missiles inherited from the USSR and deliveries of new Yars-type systems were carried out.

But against this background, the development of a product that could become a full-fledged replacement for the Voevoda ICBM, known in the West under the designation Satan, continued. The new Sarmat missile is capable of destroying the enemy not only through a nuclear explosion, but also through the use of conventional weapons – the Avangard hypersonic warhead, the kinetic energy of which is sufficient to destroy enemy strategic targets.

The high performance of the new system is evidenced by the “trace” that the inert Sarmat warhead leaves after falling to the ground. After the delivery of the training “blank” to a conditional target, a funnel was formed on the territory of the Kamchatka test site with a depth of 8 and a radius of about 20 meters. This is comparable to the consequences of strikes with the Iskander-M operational-tactical missile, in particular, in the course of their use on the objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – there are already plenty of such examples.

Konventionelle Einschläge. Links Iskander, rechts Sarmat.