BISS – M-109-Ersatz: Archer auf der Shortlist






Am 10. Juni 2022 meldet der Dienst Army Technology:

Switzerland shortlists BAE Systems’ Archer 155mm mobile howitzer

The wheeled, self-propelled howitzer is designed to operate in challenging terrains.


In 20 seconds, the armoured vehicle can stop and fire its first round and is ready to move again in a further 20 seconds. Within a span of two minutes, the howitzer can fire six rounds and move 500m. This happens while the crew remains in an armoured cabin from where they control the gun system.

BAE Systems Bofors-Karlskoga marketing and sales director Stefan Löfström said: “Archer is the most advanced wheeled 155mm howitzer in operation today and meets the requirements of the Swiss Armed Forces. “Consistent with our long history of implementing industrial cooperation projects around the world, we are working with [the] Swiss industry to establish a project plan to successfully fulfil all Swiss requirements.”

The long-range mobile howitzer can fire BONUS anti-armour munition to up to 35km, and Excalibur precision-guided munition to more than 50km. It can hold a variety of ammunition types at a time, depending upon the requirements of a mission. The system has improved technical readiness and meets the requirements of the Swedish Army.

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) received the first serial-production Archer artillery systems from BAE Systems in September 2015. BAE Systems launched the new Archer mobile howitzer at DESI in September 2019. The new version is adaptable to various terrains and battlefield conditions.