Immer näher zur feindlichen Grenze



Russischer Operator der Spezialkräfte im Grenzgebiet.

T-72 mit offenen Luken. Auf dem Rückzug? Wo?


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Der amerikanische Dienst “The Atlanticist” bringt genaue Angaben zu russischen Truppenverlegungen näher an die ukrainische Grenze – trotz aller Beteuerungen, die Armee ziehe sich in die Kasernen zurück.


Russian camps move closer to Ukrainian border

Over the past few weeks, previous build-up sites at Yelnya and Voronezh have steadily emptied, with military equipment now coalescing in areas near Ukraine’s northeastern border in the Russian oblasts of Bryansk, Kursk, and Belgorod in particular. New camps closer to the border appear to be forming, and camps at Valuyki and Postoyalye Dvory have swollen in size, the former just five kilometers from the border.

In Belgorod Oblast, large amounts of helicopters have appeared, along with surveillance radars and S-300V air defense and anti-ballistic missile systems. In Kursk, new units arrived near the border and throughout the oblast, and a 64N6 acquisition radar for the S-300 air defense system was spotted moving through Kursk city. Activity continued in other areas of Russia bordering Ukraine, as well as in Crimea and Belarus.

Russian build-up in Belarus continues

Footage has surfaced from the joint Russia-Belarus military drill Allied Resolve, filmed primarily by Russian and Belarusian state media outlets. A number of videos from the joint exercises showed drills with various rocket launchers, including the BM-27 Uragan, TOS-1A, and BM-30 Smerch. Additional footagecaptured armored vehicle maneuvers, including tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. These maneuvers are likely happening at the military training groundsin Brest Oblast. Exercises commenced on February 10 and are scheduled to run for ten days.

On February 12, a video surfaced of a Russian fuel convoy, showing at least seventeen Russian fuel trucks moving through the Rahachouski district in Gomel, Belarus. On the same day, a military convoy spotted in Naroulya, also in Gomel, included KamAZ and Ural military trucks, as well as BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launchers. This convoy was spotted roughly twenty kilometers from the Ukrainian border. A similar convoy was seenon February 13, close to Kalinkavichy district, Gomel.

Between February 10-12, reports and video footage emerged of Russian military helicopters arriving in Belarus. These helicopters were spotted in the Machulishchiand Chervenregions, south and east, respectively, of the city of Minsk. In the event of an invasion of Ukraine, attack helicopters could be used to provide air support for ground troops, while transport helicopters could be used to move units inside Ukrainian territory. The New York Times estimates that at least fifty attack and transport helicopters are currently in Machulishchi, Belarus and Valuiki, Russia.