Die Beweise zum “Militärexperten”



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Es folgen, ausgedruckt aus dem aktuellen Internet, die Beweise, die Oberst i Gst Jürg Kürsener der SRF-Radio-Redaktorin Priscilla Imboden zum israelischen “Militärexperten” Heimowitz (hier geschrieben Haimowich) vorlegte. Zuerst aus der Homepage der Firma SHELTON, die Abwehrmittel gegen Drohnen anbietet, die gemäss Homepage auf Flugplätze, Gefängnisse, Firmen, öffentliche Anlässe, VIP, Infrastruktur und Regierung anfliegen. Mit dem Porträt des “Experten” Heimowitz, der in der Abfolge der Porträts nach dem CEO und Mitgründer Tapias an zweiter Stelle figuriert – er als COO und ebenfalls Mitgründer.




Zvika Haimovich​

COO and CO-Founder

Brigadier General Zvika Haimovich, former Israel Air Defense (IAF) Forces Commander, is the Chief Operating Officer of Sheltron, bringing over three decades of experience in the Aerospace and Defense arena.

With a successful career as an Air and Missile Defense Officer, General Haimovich has extensive experience developing strategy, policy, and plans for joint, combined, and interagency operations. In addition, he also has vast experience leading large, complex organizations, managing change, and building teams and relationships.

During his service in the IAF, General Haimovich filled several positions such as the Commander in Charge of the Command Field in the IAF Air Defense School, Head of Training Branch in the IAF Air Defense Division, and Commander of the Active Defense Wing and Sky Defense Wing.

Brig. Gen. Zvika Haimovich holds a BA in Middle East Studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. A master’s degree in National Security Studies from Haifa University. As well as a diploma in Strategic Management from the USAF Air War College.


Und hier der Linked/in-Eintrag von Heimowitz (Hervorhebungen durch Red.)


Zvika Haimovich צביקה חיימוביץ

Zvika Haimovich צביקה חיימוביץ

Air Defense Expert, Leader & Manager- Large Organizations/Processes| Former IAF Air Defense Forces Commander (Brig. Gen)


Renowned Air Defense authority. A seasoned leader & manager with extensive experience in supervising complex processes, large-scale teams & organizations. I’m proud to have led a large organization – the Israeli’s Air Force’s Air Defense Forces, which under my watch underwent a revolutionary change – the most significant since its inception. This involved leading a team of people out of commitment & identification with the organization’s goals and tasks.

During my 33-year long career in the IAF and particularly in my last position as commander of the Air Defense Forces, I’ve gained meaningful experience in a variety of fields:
• Expertise in all aspects of Air Defense
• Collaboration & negotiation with high-ranking foreign military officials
• Command & leadership of a large-scale organization (4000 regular service soldiers + 5000 reservists
• Iron Dome & other air defense system capabilities: close collaboration with Israeli security companies on specification, production milestones & operation
• Facilitating a significant organizational change
• Leading annual/multi-year work plans, budgets, goals, and metrics
• Commanding significant IDF military exercises.

A LEADER IN UNCERTAIN CONDITIONS: Throughout my career I’ve had to function in a complex and changing environment, make decisions in unpredictable situations, identify & react to change.

INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE: My excellent interpersonal communication skills and clear-cut decision-making abilities were a great asset in my extensive collaborations with the international defense community.

In business. I believe in professionalism, focusing on details, living the changing reality, integrity, quick and sharp responsiveness, maximizing chances while understanding and minimizing risks.

I’m on LinkedIn to connect with owners, board members & interest holders from companies in the air defense industry or the defense & security field in general. PM me or email me at haimovich167@gmail.com