Australien: 44 von 72 F-35 im Dienst




F-35A A35-008 of No. 3 Squadron touches down at RAAF Base Williamtown.

Dem stets sachkundig gestalteten “NACHBRENNER” von Konrad Alder entnehmen wir die folgende Meldung zur Royal Australian Air Force:

“The Royal Australian Air Force has now received 44 of the planned 72 F-35A Lightning II aircraft after three more airframes landed at RAAF Base Williamtown on November 18. The newest aircraft to join the fleet have been accepted by No. 77 Squadron, which transited the three F-35As from Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, United States, through Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii, to Australia as part of exercise Lightning Ferry 21-4. After all 72 aircraft reach full operational capability, expected by 2023, the country will consider another 28 airframes for a fourth operational squadron at RAAF Base Amberley.”

Seven F-35A in their shelters at RAAF Base Williamtown.


Squadron Leader Amanda Morris zum Training

Den Mitteilungen der RAAF entnehmen wir folgenden Text von Squadron Leader Amanda Morris zum F-35-Training:

  • “The simulation of four F-35As being flown together trains pilots to lead and fight as a four-ship formation.

Squadron Leader Amanda Morris: “This instruction and the mission complexity that can be generated is incredibly realistic.”

  • The four-ship capability is a key component of our training system. It enables four-ship qualified pilots to instruct and qualify others.
  • This instruction and the mission complexity that can be generated is incredibly realistic. Pilots are able to experience scenarios that can be difficult to simulate outside of an actual warlike environment.
  • Using a combination of their sensors and formation tactics, the multi-ship is able to train four pilots simultaneously in these roles, allowing for the very real human performance in the simulated environment.
  • Each of the simulator cockpits contribute to the others’ situational awareness and together they are able to take on a much more complex adversary.”

F-35A A35-005 of the 2OCU after landing at RAAF Williamtown.