Amerikas Antwort: Wie endet der Krieg?





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Laydown of US troops will depend on how Ukraine war ends

By Meghann Myers

“We have no deployments or redeployments to announce at this time,” Semelroth said. “However, the United States will continue to adjust its posture as needed in response to the dynamic security environment.”

Pentagon officials in recent weeks have hesitated to forecast how the war in Ukraine will end, but have openly said that the laydown of troops in EUCOM is under heavy discussion.

Earlier this month, at the NATO summit in Madrid, Spain, President Joe Biden announced the U.S. would make the V Corps headquarters in Poland permanent, in addition to moving two F-35 squadrons to the U.K.

General Christopher Cavoli, SACEUR.

The new head of EUCOM told lawmakers during his confirmation hearing in June that he didn’t see a large plus-up of troops coming to Europe, but that he was open to ideas.

“I remain of the opinion … that at least in the ground domain, this is not going to be a requirement for large additional forces, or additional forces,” said Gen. Christopher Cavoli.

He did see room for more temporary engagements, though.

“I think exercises and occasional presence, like we do with any ally, will increase,” Cavoli added.